I would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help in this project.


Bob & Carol Pike. Mel Gould. Kevin Stock. Barbara Mitchell. Richard Blood.

Paul Reid.Clive Harris. Ian & Mo Spiby. Michael Kendrick. Ryan Mitchell. Kevin Sharman.

Kirt Russel. The staff at Loughborough Carillon.

The staff at Loughborough Library.  The Loughborough Echo.

Herald & North Leicestershire Gazette. Coalville Times.

Leicester Mercury. Charnwood Borough Council.

The Commonwealth War Graves.

The Canadian War Graves.

The Australian War Graves.

The London Gazette.

Ledger Battle Field Tours.

Soldiers died in the Great War.  

Special thanks to the family members, who are too numerous to name, for their loved ones details and photographs etc.