All Saints with Holy Trinity
Loughborough Parish Church



All Saints with
Holy Trinity Church
Rectory Rd

The memorial in All Saints with Holy Trinity is shown below, centre. The various panels listing the names of the fallen are also shown separately, and clicking any one of these images will enlarge it.

The memorial from Holy Trinity (Moor Lane), is shown further below.

WW2 Panel : A-M

WW1 Panel : A-C

The memorial (below), which is from Holy Trinity Church in Moor Lane, was placed immediately beneath the existing memorials in the combined All Saints with Holy Trinity building when Holy Trinity (shown right) was closed as a church.
World War One Memorial with additions for World War Two.
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Transcriptions: The listing of names below reflects the exact order and spelling in which those names are inscribed on the memorial and may sometimes not be strictly correct. Ranks of the servicemen are only shown below when they are given on the memorial.
WW1 Memorial Panel A-C More details

Alfred G. Aldridge
Frank Benskin
Thomas Brooks
Robert Birkin
George H. Barradell
Ernest J. Barsby
Eric G. Barsby
Arthur Black
Alec Brookes
John Chapman
Hubert F. Chapman
A. Donald Chapman
Frank A. Collumbell
William Collumbell

WW1 Memorial Panel C-H More details

Len A. Callis
Chris Cotton
George H. Copson
W. Davies
Percy Dakin
Albert Diggle
John H. Eaton
Arthur M. Fisher
Richard Farmer  
Charles M. Grimbley
John F. Gutteridge
George Giles
W. C. Hulin
Gilbert E. Hawker

WW1 Memorial Panel H-M More details

Joseph R. Haigh
Bert Haywood
George Hague
Albert F. Hancox
John A. Harvey
R. Henman
Eric I. Jacques
B. Jarram
A. Leonard James
Henry P. Kealey
R. A. F. Lane
Charles Lawrence
Cecil E. Loader
George W. Monk
Herbert Moore

WW1 Memorial Panel M-P More details

Robert Mayson
Edward R. Marriott
Morton Metcalfe
Alfred Manley
Walter Murdock
William Manning
R. Frank Manning
H. Orton
Arthur Phipps
J. Herbert Phipps
George G. Parker
Alfred Paltridge
H. C. Partridge
John H. Powell
Edwin Palmer

WW1 Memorial Panel P-T More details

Arthur F. Palmer
Francis B. Pitts
Walter G. Robinson
William A. Routledge
Herbert Smith
W. Sharpe
David Spicer
George Spencer  
Harry Stenson
John W. Taylor
Gerard B. Taylor
A. Bradley Taylor
George W. Taylor
Richard F. Tomlinson

WW1 Memorial Panel T-W More details

Thomas A. Thorpe
Charles C. Thorpe
Edward C. Trussell
Jim Tyler
Thomas Tyler  
R. Bingham Turner
Bernard Unwin
A. Wareham
H. Wareham
J. W. Wilkins
John Walker
Sidney Whiteman
John C. Wheatley
J. Waldron

WW1 Memorial Holy Trinity Rank More details

N. Armstrong GNR  
W. Allen PTE
William Ainsworth SGT
Howard C. Barrow LT
Sydney F. Benson PTE
W. F. Clarke SGT
Frank Coulson PTE
David Dewar B. A. LLB CAMB LT
L. A. 'Jack' Dewar 2/LT
Frederick A. W. Hague PTE
Leonard G. Hague PTE
John Henry Hill SGT
Alexander W. Leslie 2/LT
George H. Matthews PTE
John N. Powell [sic. i.e. John Humphrey Powell] PTE
A. Rowbotham L/CP
Cecil E. Screaton PTE
Albert S. Screaton [sic. i.e. Herbert Spencer Screaton] PTE
Thomas Smalley PTE
Sidney Spencer PTE
James Henry Squires [sic. i.e. James Henry Squire] PTE
Edward C. Trussell PTE
Charles Thorne L/CP
Frederick West PTE  
Sidney Wade PTE
W. Walker SGT
W. Graves    
W. Godber  

WW2 Memorial Left Panel More details

Peter Vincent Barthel
Ronald Birkin
Ernest D. G. Bosomworth
John Kenneth Brompton
Michael Bury
Thomas W. Chambers
John Coltman
Walter T. Dunning
Joseph E. Edwards
Reginald S.Elsom
Jack Green
John Jennison
John W. Kilgour-Miller
Charles G. Loades
Arthur L . Mulholland

More details

C. Ronald Nash
William Powell
Frank Priestley
Cyril Redman
Ernest J. W. Reed
George W. Russell
Alec Smalley
Alfred Thorneycroft
Eric Reginald Todd
Francis E Waldron
Ronald Wheatley
Douglas Wilson
Fred Wilson
Fred Williams
James A. Kilgour-Miller

WW2 Memorial Holy Trinity Rank More details

Mark Downs A. B.
Herbert Gibbins PTE
Thomas Rushton PTE
Alfred G. Green  
Raymond Ottey COY PILOT
George Roadley F/SGT
William Utting PTE
Douglas Wilson A/C
Sidney Smith PTE