Brave Deeds Rewarded

The Duke of Rutland, Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, presenting Beatrice Smith with her OBE. Ernest Stubley is standing next to her. 

In the list of Medals of the Empire awarded by the King for bravery by girls and men in the country in times of danger occasioned by air raids, the names are included of Beatrice Evelyn Smith, 38 Hartington Street, Loughborough, and Ernest Stubley, The Green Hathern. Both of them are employed at the Empress Works and their bravery was recommended by Mr. H. H. Moore, the works manager.

Miss Smith was on duty as an electric crane driver at the time one night when an emergency warning of an air raid was given, and the works closed down. In leaving she forgot to pull the main switch out and had this not been done before work was resumed there might have been a serious accident. She remembered the omission when at home and came back in the darkness and put the thing all right.

The award reads.

For courage in returning to her post at the risk of her life in order to avert danger to the works.

Mr, Stubley was on duty as a plant electrician on the memorable night of the raid two years ago on the power side of the works, and remained at his post during the whole night,

The award reads.

For courage in remaining at his post in circumstances of considerable danger in order to safeguard the works.



Their Medals are on display at the Carillon.