Bomb Damage

 A crowd of onlookers gather in The Rushes to inspect the damage.
The building on the right is the Blue Boar pub.
The building in the centre is the Rising Sun lodging house. 
The building on the left is Adcock's brush making shop.
The shop on the right is a general store.
Building on the corner is Josiah Gilbert's Shop.
This was the home of the Page family.
Bomb damage to the outhouses of the Crown and Cusion.
The Houses of Orchard Street can be seen in the background.
The Crown and Cusion Yard after the raid.
The bomb crater can be seen in the right foreground.
This plaque commemorates the people who were killed by the Empress Road bomb.
The Maltese cross which marks the spot where the bomb fell in Empress Road.
Memorial plaque in the Carillon.