Zeppelin L20

 Zeppelin L20, raider of Loughborough on 31 January 1916

Constructed as LZ 59 at Friedrichshafen, and first flown on 21 Dec 1915, L 20 was based at Tønder until 21 Feb 1916 then moved to Seddin until 6 Apr, at which time it was re-deployed to Tønder. During its four months in service, the 35,800m³ L 20 made nineteen flights covering a total of 7,211 km; including six reconnaissance missions and two successful bombing raids over England.

Kapitänleutnant Franz Stabbert

Captained L7, 1915, L20, L23, 1916, L44, 1917.


Zeppelin L20 stranded near Stavanger, Norway

Following an unsuccessful raid on targets in England, MarineLuftschiff Zeppelin L 20, running low on fuel, made a forced landing off the coast of Norway near Stavanger on May 1916.The crew destroyed the airship. 16 were captured, 3 died.Kapitänleutnant Stabbert escaped six months later.


 Kapitänleutnant Stabbert under arrest.

He would be killed in action the following year when L44 was brought down over France.