Brush Electrical Engineering Company Memorial

Transcriptions: The listing of names below reflects the exact order and spelling in which those names are inscribed on the memorial and may sometimes not be strictly correct.
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W. Allen Pte. 5th Leicesters.
G. H.Bassford Pte. 1st Leicesters.
H. Benskin Pte. 6th Leicesters.  
F. Benskin Pte. 6th Leicesters.
A. Biddles Pte. 8th Leicesters.
J. F. Birkin Sergt. 5th Leicesters.  
R. Birkin L'Corpl. 9th Devons.
A. C. Bishop L'Corpl. Royal Sussex Reg.
A. Black Pte. 7th Leicesters.
F. O. Bonsor Pte. 9th Leicesters.
J. L. Burke Lieut. Royal Garrison A.  
J. Chapman Capt. 5th Leicesters.
E. Clarke Pte. 2/6 South Staffs.
J. Collington Pte. Notts & Derbys.
A. E. Cooling Pte. Worcester Reg.
J. Cross Pte. Machine Gun Corp.
R. Cullen Pte. 8th Leicesters.
H. Cutts Pte. Lancashire Fusiliers.
P. Dakin Corpl. 8th Leicesters.
A. Day Pte. Notts & Derbys.  
A. De Ville Sec. Lieut. 2/5 West Yorks.
B. Diggle Pte. Leicester Yeo.
C. A. Evans Rifle. 10th Kings R. R. C.  
J. F. Fletcher Pte. 7th Leicesters.  
W. Ford Pte. 5th Leicesters.
A. W. Gartshore Sergt. 5th Leicesters.  
A. C. Green A. B. Royal Naval Div.
C. Grimley Pte. 8th Leicesters.  
W. Hanson Pte. Tank Corps.
H. Haywood Pte. 8th Leicesters.
G. Hague Pte. 5th Leicesters.
A. Hinchcliffe Pte. 8th Leicesters.  
H. Hopewell Pte. 1st Cambridge
T. Houlson Pte. 20th King L'pool.
A. Jones Pte. 2nd Seaforths.  
H. P. Kealey Sergt. Leicester Yeo.
M. Lester Pte. 2nd Kings O. S. B.  
J. L. Matlock Pte. 3rd Leicesters.  
A. Mee Pte. 9th Leicesters.
M. Metcalfe Driv. Royal Field A.
H. Mitchell Pte. 6th Leicesters
P. Onions Sergt. Machine Gun Corp.
H. Parkinson L'Corpl. 6th Leicesters.
H. Partridge Pte. 6th Leicesters.
T. Pepper Pte. 5th Leicesters.
A. Thorpe Pte. 1st Leicesters.  
C. E. Thorpe L'Corpl. 8th Leicesters.  
B. H. Unwin Sergt. 8th Leicesters.
A. Vesty Pte. 2/7 West Yorks.
D. N. Wain Pte. 16th Kings R. R. C.
J. Ward Pte. 2/5 Leicesters.
R. Wells Pte. 11th Leicesters.
F. Whitcraft Pte. 8th Leicesters.
S. W. Whiteman Pte. Worcester Reg.
A. V. Shaw Pte. 1st Lincolns.